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By Kachi Ogbonna

Kachi Ogbonna has successfully launched various businesses for himself and others. He has put in all his experience and expert advice in this new book.

A 210 page resource material - the book does not only contain business ideas you never imagined is possible or that you often take for granted without knowing the promise they hold, but also contain disruptive models, strategies and funding options unique to each idea.

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Central Bank of Ideas

About The Author


Kachi Ogbonna is a value driven entrepreneur and renowned youth consultant, passionate and focused on driving societal values and dignity of mankind in alignment to entrepreneurship and business strategy. With more than 15 years of experience working among young people, 8 years of been an active entrepreneur and a substantial portfolio of solutions delivered for the benefit of humanity.

His career has taken him through the banking sector, telecommunications, training/consulting and NGOs. He has researched over 150 companies in Nigeria, seeking for the common denominator for all the successful brands across different sectors. He has also had the good fortune of sitting for business reviews with top MDs and business leaders including Rajiv Sharma, Prof. Pat Utomi, Ben Bruce, Frank Nneji, Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma and many more.

He is a regular guest on several radio stations including Raypower FM, Eko FM, Radio Lagos and Nigerian Info where he offers his expert advice on how government can tackle the economic and unemployment challenges facing the country. He has also featured in over ten national dailies including This Day, Guardian, National Mirror and Business Day. He is a well sought after trainer and speaker in conferences and business seminars.

Kachi is passionate about helping Nigerian young people become all that God has created them to be. He runs a monthly coaching and mentorship programme with young professionals in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri and Umuahia. He is the founder of HTS Business School, HTS Shuttle Services and Co-founder, Myunihostels. He is also the author of the entrepreneurship masterclass HOW THEY STARTED foreword by Prof. Pat Utomi.

As a Startup Consultant and Business Developer he specializes in building businesses from ground zero and resuscitating those in comatose.

About The Book

The Fairy Tale is Over.

Once upon a time, all a person needed to have a good life and a guaranteed future was to graduate from the university. Today, this is a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, once you get a job you are guaranteed of job security and your retirement will surely be in bliss. Today, this is a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, university graduates command the highest level of respect in the society. Today, this is a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, once you can secure admission to the then prestigious federal government owned universities, the government is responsible for all your needs till the day you graduate. Today, this is a fairy tale.

The reality today is that graduates have become object of mockery and ridicule where they are busy sending in applications for the job of a bus conductor, they have become laughing stocks where they are fighting and bribing their way to secure jobs as truck and trailer drivers, where they are stampeding one on top of the other person and sending their colleagues to early grave in the name of Immigration job and where they are begging to work as filing station attendants with salaries as low as 15,000 naira per month.

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Kachi Ogbonna is one who has successfully launched various businesses for himself and others. He has put all his experience and expert advice in "Central Bank of Ideas".

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John Doe

Dr. David Okorafor
Managing Director, IceCanopy Limited

"What Kachi Ogbonna has done in this book is simply wondrous! It's a manual of its own, a rare kind of book (if not the first of its kind in Nigeria). It's not a motivational book, it's not a white man's book, it's a book by a Nigerian who's been on the streets and has slugged it out with entrepreneurship. Its contents are entirely Nigerian, the arguments are awakening and the ideas are locally implementable. I'm personally so awed that anytime I open this book, I gain energy and am moved to do something about something. I call Central Bank of Ideas an energy book. By the way, Kachi is the author of How they Started, a 250-page chronicle of how most of Nigerian mega businesses (including Dangote, Zinox, Globacom, Interswitch, IrokoTV, SLOTS, Lindaikeji Blog, Peace Mass transit, Innoson and 16 other companies) were founded and built to greatness. I personally sell these books because I know what they contain. Ka e mesia!"


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